Philosophy: Teaching proper progressions in a safe and positive environment to help each child reach his/her highest potential in the sport of gymnastics.


Class Descriptions 2022

  • Me and My Folks: 1-3 years old; Coed; 45 minute class once weekly 

In this class little gymnasts are joined by their parents to learn fundamentals of gymnastics.  This class uses music, games, and parachute time. Each class will provide a new experience with the obstacle course including trampolines, balance beams, bars, and vault along with many other gross motor activities that are designed to develop coordination, strength and body awareness. 


  • Tumble Stars: 3-4 years; Coed; 1 hour class once weekly

In this class we introduce basic gymnastics skills on all four Olympic events to the preschool aged gymnast. Weekly themes and age-appropriate games are utilized to make learning exciting. Skills gained in this class include learning to take turns, basic gymnastics positions and shapes, building strength and coordination, and self- confidence.


  • Rising Stars: 5-6 years & 7+; Beginner Girls class; 1 hour class once weekly

This class is designed for the beginner gymnast. Using all four events we teach basic skills such as rolls, cartwheels, handstands, pull-overs and casting, jumps, turns, and more to increase coordination and confidence.


  • Red Stars: Intermediate Girls ages 6+; 1 hour class once weekly

This program is for students who have had some gymnastics experience with skills such as cartwheels, handstands, and pullovers on bars.  Gymnasts continue to work on the basics as well as intermediate skills of gymnastics on each apparatus. They will be introduced to skills such as round offs, and kick overs/walkovers on floor, hip circles on bars, jumping and basic tumbling on the beam, and intermediate vaulting skills.


  • Blue Stars: Advanced Girls ages 6+; 1 hour class once weekly

This class is designed for the advanced gymnast to build upon the skills learned in Rising Stars and Red Stars. Foundational skills such as kick to handstand, cartwheels, pullovers, and confidence on a high beam are recommended before signing up for this class. Gymnasts will work on more advanced skills on each event, including handsprings, beam tumbling, high bar skills, and handstand flat backs. 


  • White Stars: Invitation Only 6+ years; Girls class; 1.5-hour class meeting twice weekly

This is our most advanced recreational class offered for the gymnast who has completed her Blue Stars skill card or has been evaluated by the head coach for placement. Gymnasts will learn front-handsprings to flat backs on vault; glides, front hip-circles and kip drills on bars; handstands, side-handstands, advanced jumps and turns on beam; and back walk-overs, round-offs, back handsprings, and front handsprings on floor.


  • Comets: 5+ years; Boys Class; 1-hour class once weekly

This class is designed for the beginner gymnast and incorporates all six men’s Olympic events. Gymnasts are taught to build strength and flexibility while also learning skills such as cartwheels, handstands, and running techniques.  Gymnasts will learn pommel horse drills, swinging on the high bar and parallel bars, proper use of the still rings, and vaulting techniques to enhance their gymnastics knowledge and skills.


  • Tumbling: 5+ years; Girls and Boys Class; 1-hour class meeting once weekly

This class is designed for tumblers of all ages to learn basic tumbling skills, gain strength, and increase flexibility while keeping safety the priority.


 January 3 - March 7, 2022 Class Schedule cand be found on our FaceBook page.



Gymnastics Camp
Blue Stars (Advanced)
Comets-Boys 5-12
Me & My Folks 1-3
Red Stars (Intermediate)
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White Stars (Preteam)